Why I’m nervous about the rumored Apple VR headset

We’ve been hearing about the rumored Apple Reality Pro VR headset for years to come. Like the Apple Car and the foldable iPhone, the release date seems to keep getting pushed back – assuming the product actually exists. But the latest reported delay is a little worrying.

The Apple VR headset would be the first major new product category from the world’s largest technology company in several years. That means Apple has a lot riding on it, and it needs to get it right (see the best Apple deals for discounts on current products).

Apple VR;  rendering of a rumored VR headset that looks like ski goggles

A rendering of the rumored Apple VR headset (Image credit: Antonio de Rosa / Apple (logo))

Apple VR headset rendering

(Image credit: Ahmed Chenni, Freelancer.com)

Of all of Apple’s rumored upcoming products, the Reality Pro VR headset is the loudest and closest to launch based on the amount of purported information being made. We saw what it would look like and heard how it might work. Meanwhile, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a good track record of predicting all things Apple, suggested the device could be unveiled in the spring.

However, Gurman now says that the expected announcement has been pushed back to the Worldwide Developers Conference in June (opens in a new tab). He says, according to “people familiar with the matter”, that’s because product testing showed that “both hardware and software issues still needed to be resolved.”

Microsoft HoloLens 2 for free

HoloLens 2 from Microsoft (Image credit: Microsoft)

Of course, if Apple launches the Reality Pro VR headset, it needs to impress the product from the start, especially since it is entering an area where competition already exists. So it’s worrying that the reported ‘issues’ were so severe that they delayed not only production but even the preview of the device.

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