Where to watch M3GAN (including the unrated version)

This year started off with a bang thanks to a killer robot doll with crazy TikTok dance moves. That’s right, M3GAN won both the audience and the critics thanks to his well-crafted scares and sly humor. Horror is one of the few genres currently attracting broke movie audiences, and M3GAN he managed to bring people to multiplexes that are still running Avatar: The Way of the Water and Oscar hopeful as Women Talking.

Although it’s still February, the horror hit is already set to hit streaming services worldwide. But where and when can you watch it in the comfort of your own home? Digital Trends has all the answers for you.

Where can you watch M3GAN?

Allison Williams stands between Violet McGraw and M3GAN.
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After a successful theatrical run, M3GAN coming to a popular streaming service: peacock. Launching in 2020, Peacock is home to NBC Universal and Comcast properties such as Universal Pictures, the Olympics, Bravo, and Saturday Night Live.

Peacock is the streaming home to popular NBC shows like The Office, Here we go, Law & Order, and Brooklyn Nine Nine. The service also has many sports programs from the WWE, NFL, and Premier League. Peacock has also expanded its scripted and non-scripted programming, including shows like Vampire Academy, The death of Dr, and a documentary about Casey Anthony. In addition, it is home to good blockbuster movies It’s not and modern rom-coms like Ticket to Paradise.

When does M3GAN stream to subscribers?

M3GAN It will be broadcast on Peacock on February 24.

How much does it cost?

A deadly doll walks down a hall in M3GAN.

There is no sign-up fee for the most basic level of Peacock, and no credit card is required when you sign up. All it takes is an email address for users to access over 10,000 hours of free content. The free tier is limited in content. If you want to access more programs from Peacock, there are different paid tiers to explore.

Peacock Premium is the first paid tier on the streaming service, with access to over 80,000 hours of entertainment for a monthly price of $5, or $50 per year. This series contains ads, but allows users to access new movies and live events. If this tier is too restrictive, users can upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus, which costs $10 per month, or $100 per year. Premium Plus includes everything from Premium, but has no ads and allows users to download and watch programs offline.

Where can I watch M3GAN unrated cut?

Same place as the theatrical cut. Peacock will have both versions available for streaming. The unrated cut is reportedly bloodier and scarier.

Is M3GAN worth watching?

Yes. M3GAN one of the rare films that really lives up to the prerelease hype. It’s scary, but not too scary, and funny, but not too funny. It strikes just the right balance between terror and camp, and the titular villain has already joined the pantheon of great horrors. Yes, that’s right, Chucky finally has some competition!

M3GAN stars Go outand Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Amie Donald, Jenna Davis, and Brian Jordan Alvarez. The theatrical cut lasts one hour and 42 minutes. On rotten tomatoes, M3GAN it sits at 94% on the Trammeter and registers an audience score of 78%.

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