What does ‘#oomf’ mean on Twitter? (Meaning with Examples)

If you’ve just joined Twitter to connect with celebrities and popular people, you might need help understanding some abbreviations and slang.

Some acronyms, abbreviations and slang may sound strange, especially if you are new to the social networking site.

Lately ‘OOMF’ is the abbreviation that confuses many Twitter users, which is used on many social networking platforms.

If you are reading this guide, you are probably looking for an answer to your question,’What does #oomf mean on Twitter?‘. So, below, we’ve explained what #oomf means on Twitter and how you can use it. On with us.

What does #oomf mean on Twitter?

OOMF is an abbreviation used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. You’ll only find people using OOMF on instant messaging or gaming apps like Discord.

The ‘OOMF’ on Twitter stands for ‘One of my Loves’; people often use it with a hashtag: #oomf.

Usually, Twitter users use it when they want to mention their followers but want to keep their name and account private. It is one of the most famous ways to mention a fan without mentioning their name.

Mentioning #oomf in Twitter tweets will let one of your followers know you’re talking to them without mentioning them.

How to use OOMF on Twitter?

The definition of OOMF can be confusing, which is why we’ve come up with some examples that will show you how to use this abbreviation on social media sites.

Example 1:

Oomf he is a rich man, but I would rather choose health than wealth!”

In the above statement, the Twitter user refers to one of his followers by mentioning “OOMF” at the beginning but not tagging them.

When followers read the tweet, they’ll know it’s for them. The goal is to not mention the follower’s name in the tweet.

Example 2:

“I just hit Oomf at the grocery store; she is so nice and kind! “…

In this example, a Twitter user refers to a girl follower by using “Oomf”. This is an indirect way of tagging the girl to make her feel special.

When the follower comes across the tweet, she will know that the tweet is for her.

Example 3:

“I think I’m in trouble Oomf! But I hope he doesn’t find out because I would die of shame.”

In this example, a Twitter user claims that one of his followers is being bullied. But she wants to keep it a secret.

Other Acronyms & Abbreviations used on Twitter

Like the #oomf, there are hundreds of other acronyms and abbreviations on Twitter. Since it is impossible to recall them all, we have mentioned some common ones.

RT: This means ‘Retweet’.

DM: DM on Twitter means ‘Direct Messages’.

DP: This means ‘Display Picture’.

NSFW: Not Safe for Work.

IR: In Real Life.

ICYMI: In case you missed it.

TBH: To do the truth.

ATM: Currently.

IDEK: I don’t even know.

IDM: I do not know.

These are not the only acronyms and abbreviations used on Twitter. You will find hundreds of them on the platform. Ultimately, it comes down to you which acronyms, abbreviations, or slang best suit the conversational tone.

And the good part about abbreviations is that they can be used on any chat-based application or service. The same goes for Oomf on Twitter as well.

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So that’s what this guide is all about what does #oomf mean on Twitter and how to use it. We have also shared some examples to help you make better use of the abbreviation on the social networking site. If you need more help understanding what oomf means on Twitter, let us know in the comments. Also, if the article helped you in some way, share it with your friends.

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