Tucker Carlson releases exclusive footage Jan. 6, politicians say media lied about Sicknick, ‘QAnon Shaman’

Tucker Carlson has released never-before-seen footage from the January 6, 2021 riots at Capitol Hill that appears to debunk several stories pushed by the Democrat-controlled House Select Committee and the legacy media.

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy gave “Tucker Carlson Tonight” an exclusive first look at more than 40,000 hours of security camera footage from the Capitol Building that had been hidden from the public for more than two years. On Monday, Carlson offered the first glimpses of footage of key figures from that day.

Carlson concluded that the film proves that law enforcement and the media were “lied” about the events that took place on January 6th.

Footage from January 6 released exclusively at

Footage from Jan. 6 released exclusively by “Tucker Carlson Tonight” debunks multiple stories pushed by politicians and the media about the events of that day. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

The first batch of footage showed Trump supporters peacefully touring the building, “sightseers” as Carlson put it, but footage of the riots consumed news coverage on January 6, which many in DC compared to 9/11 and the attack. on Pearl Harbor.


Capitol police officers were seen escorting Jacob Chansley, a Navy veteran widely known in the liberal media as the “QAnon Shaman” around the building without incident. Carlson reported that officers were seen showing Chansley around, even trying to open locked doors for him. At one point, at least nine police officers were seen near Chansley, none of whom slowed him down, Carlson noted.

Chansley was later arrested and federally charged with “knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or premises without lawful authority, and with forcible entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.” He was sentenced to almost four years in prison.

“If he was really committing such a crime, why didn’t the officers standing next to him arrest him?” Carlson asked.

Jacob Chansley, who came to the forefront of the January 6 riot in the media, was seen in the Capitol grounds being led around by police officers without incident.

Jacob Chansley, who came to the forefront of the January 6 riot in the media, was seen in the Capitol grounds being led around by police officers without incident. (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine called the accusations against Chansley “very sad,” saying the film proves he was “harmless.”

“You can see the way the people were walking through the Capitol … they are walking meekly, politely queuing, very peaceful. They mean no harm. They are treating the Capitol with respect ,” said Devine Carlson. “That’s no excuse, the minority of protesters who broke windows and fought police and injured police and left them in their jobs. But the people who are being rounded up now and some of them are in jail without trial for months, even a year on end, they didn’t commit violence. They walked through open doors, the police brought them, they felt that was okay. And I think Jacob Chansley is a classic example of that.”

The second set of footage addressed the narrative widely promoted by Democrats and the media that the events of January 6th were a “deadly uprising,” often citing the deaths of police officers, most of whom died. by suicide after the riot, and others. died of natural causes. Only one person, Air Force veteran and Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt, was shot and killed by a Capitol police officer.


However, the only person who became a household name was Officer Brian Sicknick, who the media alleged was “assaulted” by the mob and falsely claimed to have hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

Sicknick was seen walking normally as he led Trump supporters out of the building while wearing a helmet, contradicting the media narrative that he died of a head injury.

“This tape debunks the most powerful and politically useful lie the Democrats told us about January 6,” Carlson told the audience.

As Carlson noted, the footage of Sicknick was electronically bookmarked in the Capitol archives, alleging that the Jan. 6 House Select Committee reviewed it and chose not to include it in its widely publicized hearings and final report.

“They laid because of the police officer they claimed to revere,” said Carlson. “If they were willing to do that, their dishonesty knew no bounds.”

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was widely portrayed by the media as the victim of an attack on January 6th.

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick was widely portrayed by the media as the victim of an attack on January 6th. (US Capitol Police)

The Washington Times opinion editor, Charlie Hurt, called the politicians and the media “very sick” of the Sicknick story.

A third batch of footage showed Ray Epps, the man caught urging Trump supporters to enter the Capitol the night before the January 6 riot, seen on the grounds at least 30 minutes after the time he told the House Select Committee regarding a text he sent. to his nephew, claiming he was already going back to his hotel. As Carlson noted, making that false claim is a crime to Congressional investigators.

The lack of criminal charges against Epps fueled suspicion from critics that he had coordinated with the FBI before the riot.


Democratic lawmakers pushed the story that some of their GOP colleagues had helped riots before Jan. 6, singling out Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., for leading a “reconnaissance mission” through the Capitol building the day before. In fact, Loudermilk was seen in footage giving a tour of a conference building down the street to constituents, none of whom were involved in the so-called “uprising.”

Carlson also dismissed the viral footage of Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., claiming the House Select Committee “cowardly ran” from the crowd when the full footage actually shows he was among several lawmakers who were rushed. taking place. from the Capitol by police with him on the tail side of the group.

“The clip was propaganda, not evidence,” Carlson said.

A House Select Committee on Jan. 6 targeted Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., who he accused of cowardly fleeing the crowd based on a short Tucker Carlson clip on the idea that

The House Select Committee on January 6 targeted Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., whom it accused of cowardly running away from the crowd based on a short clip by Tucker Carlson that it believed was “propaganda.” (Jan 6 Committee/YouTube)


Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., said the footage Carlson showed on Jan. 6 changed his opinion, noting he was at the Capitol that day.

Massie cited a poll showing that a large majority of Americans, including most Democrats, want all footage released on January 6. He also asked for a “complete catalog of all the watchmen who were there” to find the basis of their participation in the riot.

Carlson teased that more footage from January 6 will be shared on Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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