Thirst creates an identity for new whiskey brand Noble Rebel

Loch Lomond Group (LLG) has launched three whiskeys from its new Noble Rebel brand. The distiller has collaborated with aptly named creative agency Thirst to create a brand that aims to “shake up blended malts” and “engage modern whiskey connoisseurs”.

Led by LLG’s head of innovation, Calum Leslie, the project involved the creation of a complete brand – from naming to brand strategy. Tart also worked closely with master blender Michael Henry to create Noble Rebel’s three distinct liquid profiles – Orchard Outburst, Smoke Symphony, Hazelnut Harmony – each a blend that “transports the senses”.

The theme is centered around “beautiful contrasts”, which is reflected in the subtle top-to-bottom flip of the ‘B’ trademark as well as the distinctive production design featured on the bottle and secondary packaging. The illustrations reflect the spirit and flavors of the whiskies, and take on a contemporary botanical style.

Each illustration is accompanied by a decorated Noble Rebel bottle, designed to replicate the heavy, intricate old-fashioned rocks glass base in homage to the flavors found within. The words ‘noble’ and ‘rebel’ are embossed on the other side of the lip of the bottle to represent the “two faces of the brand”.

Tart says the overall visual identity is inspired by the clean, simple aesthetic often found in art galleries, complemented by an editorial approach to typography that references magazine and newspaper headlines. The “crafted layered icon” is a nod to the brand’s expertise in the world of whisky, and is brought together by a vivid orange flavor color and framing that is visible throughout.

Thirst’s creative director, Matt Burns, says the experimentation in taste is what makes Nobel Rebel stand out and they wanted the branding to reflect that on shelf. “Just as each play is an exercise in taste creativity, the bespoke performance style was created to express each masterpiece, welcoming discovery and delight to the senses before even a drop is drunk,” explains Burns.

“We set out to help elevate the blended whiskey category, shake it up, and push the boundaries of what is expected within it. We wanted to shine a light on the way into flavor experimentation and entice educated drinkers who are interested in the story behind their whiskey to go somewhere they haven’t been before.”

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