The ultimate minimalist wallet has a super slim design with modular accessories like an AirTag holder

Designed to be as little as 0.3 inches thick, the Fantom X holds the title of being the slimmest wallet ever made without sacrificing security, durability or modularity. With the ability to hold anywhere from 4 to 13 cards, and also the option to add modules to hold coins, banknotes, keys, and even AirTags, the Fantom X is the perfect combination of minimalism and materialism. And if that somehow wasn’t enough, it also comes with a lifetime warranty!

Designer: Ansix Design

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Money has changed a lot since the last hundred years, but it’s no surprise that wallets have. They’re still made of leather, shaped like chunky bifolds, and feel substantially large and bulky for 2023. The Fantom X revisits what a wallet should look like in 2023 with a design that’s equal parts futuristic and practical. It’s designed to be slim so you won’t be sitting on an elbow when the wallet is in your back pocket (there’s a whole Seinfeld episode about this), but its slimness doesn’t affect vital features. The wallet is spacious enough to store all your cards, deploying them at a moment’s notice for you to access whenever you want, and if you’re the type to carry notes and coins, the Fantom X supports to attach modular accessories to be added. more carrying capacity to your wallet. The wallet is crafted from highly durable Cerakote aluminum, with a choice of wood veneers or carbon fiber panels on the outside, giving the wallet an exquisite aesthetic that rivals any full-grain leather wallet or card holder.

Unbeatable Convenience – Pull a lever, wait them out, pick the one you want.

The ornate cover plates that go on the front and back of the wallet stand in contrast to the industrial charm of the Fantom X Patterns. A choice of Bamboo, Walnut or Carbon Fiber plates are offered to decorate their wallets. While the bamboo and walnut veneers give the wallets a unique look, the carbon fiber plates add to the Fantom X’s futuristic appeal, making it look and feel way ahead of its time.

Peace of Mind – Their patented fanning mechanism keeps your cards safe until you need them. It also offers RFID protection so that your cards are not scanned without your permission.

The Fantom X comes in 3 sizes depending on how many cards you want to carry. Cards placed inside the wallet sit snugly in place and can be accessed by flicking the lever on the side which causes the cards to slide out gracefully so you can see them all and the one you want choose to use. Once it’s done, you can stick the card back into the Fantom X and it will stay there without falling out (even if you tried).

Money Holder – Has a built-in spring clip to safely store your valuables, including cash, cards, receipts and more.

Coin Holder – Designed to hold your storage coins, SD cards and USB drives.

ID Holder – Provides visibility and protection for your ID card. There is a built-in thumb cutout for easy card removal.

AirTag Holder – Always know where your valuables are.

Cards aren’t the only thing people carry in their wallets, however, and the people behind the Fantom X were quick to recognize that. A wallet is an essential part of your EDC, and sometimes you want to carry other items like cash, coins, or even keys. The Fantom X comes with a modular accessory ecosystem, featuring separate holders for coins, banknotes, keys, and even ID cards. The wallet is inherently designed to block RFID, but the ID holder sits on the outside within a clear enclosure that makes it easy to see and even tap on portals at your workplace, the metro, etc. X (and you can only fit one of them at any given time), while the other side of the Fantom X allows you to instantly attach an AirTag holder that allows you to track, retrieve and even make calls to your wallet if you never see him figure out where he is.

Made by the folks at Ansix Design, the Fantom X isn’t their first roadie. The third in its series of wallets, the Fantom X is 22% smaller and 35% lighter than its predecessors. It is also designed to be ridiculously durable, with a Cerakote body that can almost any kind of rough use, and components such as the lever mechanism that are comfortably built loads of up to 12 kilograms or 25 lbs. Designed and made in Canada, every Fantom X wallet is subject to rigorous quality tests, and ships with a lifetime warranty so your grandchildren can use it to carry the currency of the future too!

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $119 (25% off with coupon code “YANKO25”). Hurry, the deal ends in 48 hours!

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