The new xTool P2 laser cutter: everything we know

The laser cutter and engraver brand xTool, created by leading robotics manufacturer Makeblock, was launched to enable greater creativity and craftsmanship and is quickly becoming one of the best around. If you’re looking to take your projects to the next level xTool has some of the best laser machines for home and studio right now.

xTool won a Red Dot Design Award for its xTool M1 laser cutter and engraver, and in my xTool M1 review I found this to be a very approachable and useful crafting machine. But it has some limitations, for example its 10 watt diode laser can’t match the speed and accuracy of the competition Glowforge Pro, which uses a 45 watt CO2 laser (read my Glowforge Pro review for hands-on experience).

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