The latest phone from Realme comes with a strangely fast 240W charging, and a light interface without anything inspired

The Realme GT3 240W can juice your phone completely from 0% to 100% in less than 10 minutes … and only 30 seconds of charging could give you enough battery life for a 2-hour call hours on a 5G network. It’s so fast that wireless charging doesn’t seem convenient anymore.

While most of Realme’s presentation at MWC was just stats, there was a nifty 80-second demonstration of the GT3 charging at 240W, going from 0 to 23 percent in just 1 minute and 20 seconds. In fact, the battery consumed most of the main speech of the phone, with little time spent on a ‘new’ detail that Realme calls the Pulse Interface. Located next to the camera module, this interface borrows heavily from the Nothing (1) phone’s rear design, sporting a transparent window with an LED rectangle inside. The LED rectangle shines in 25 different colors, and can be customized for a wide variety of notifications, although the most important ones are to notify you when you have a low battery, when there is a call / notification receiving, and When your phone is actually charging. Additionally, you can dim the lights while gaming or listening to music, or count down the timer while clicking a photo.

Designer: Realme

With more than 15 full minutes of the keynote being spent on the GT3’s battery alone, it’s probably the phone’s most impressive feature. The 240W charging capabilities give you 20% in less than a minute and a half, 50% in four minutes, and a full 100% within ten minutes, making the GT3 the fastest charging phone on the planet right now and that make red. battery icon on the top right is a thing of the past. The fast charging feature also works while the phone is in use, with Realme boasting o-100 in just 17 minutes if you’re playing a game.

You’d think that kind of fast charging would drain the battery, but Realme believes that their battery and phone architecture is designed to optimize and preserve battery health over time. First, the phone has three strategically placed chipsets dedicated to direct charging, and a new stainless steel vapor cooling system to cool the GT3’s ultra-thin 4600mAh battery. The battery is built for optimal charging in both high heat and sub-zero temperatures, with a lifespan that is double that of the average phone – 1600 charge cycles before the battery degrades to 80% health. To help facilitate this feature of 240W charging, the GT3 also comes with its own GaN charging adapter and rugged 12A charging cable.

Flip the phone over and you see its second stand-out feature – the Pulse Interface. Similar to the Glyph UI of the phone Nothing (1), but with no visible glyphs, however, the Pulse UI sits right next to the camera bump, under a transparent window. The words ‘Dare To Leap’, Realme’s slogan, are on the LED rectangle, and right in the center is a nameplate with the Snapdragon logo. ​​​​​​You would not be alone wondering whether that is really the chipset of the phone … although I hate to burst your bubble, but it is not. The chipset sits well inside the phone, surrounded by the vapor cooling system. This, right here, is just a nameplate that serves a branding purpose more than anything. There is, however, an NFC reader located just below the Pulse UI…right where it says ‘NFC’.

Snapdragon nameplate and Pulse Interface closed

The interface lights up to indicate a variety of notifications, with up to 25 colors to choose from. You can customize the color and blinking pattern of the Pulse UI to match different alerts too, and even have the ability to color code certain contacts so you know when they’re calling even when your phone is looking down. Additionally, the LED ring lights up red when your battery is depleted, blue when it’s charging, and green when you’re at 100%, so you know when to unplug your charger. Or, you could wait 10 minutes and unplug your charger anyway!

The GT3 240W also comes with a 6.74-inch 144Hz Ultra AMOLED display that has an in-display fingerprint reader, three main cameras (50MP wide, 8MP ultrawide, 2MP macro), and a 16MP wide-angle selfie camera. Available in 3 colors (black, white and purple), the GT3 has five tiers to choose from, including a lower 8GB RAM + 128GB storage tier that starts at $649, going all the way up to a completely bonkers series with 16GB RAM and 1TB Storage, the price of which was not revealed at the announcement. Hey Realme… does the 240W charger come in the box?

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