The best time and days to book your domestic and international flights

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This week in travel news: the best time and day to book your flights, new and premium business cabins for Qantas and Air France, and the only woman living on an island criminals are convicted.

With some airfares up as much as 50%, it’s more important than ever to be smart about your booking strategy. An expert at travel site Hopper tells CNN that you should start tracking your vacations in May, June and July now. And there’s a “Goldilocks window” to book – not too early, not too late – says another expert from travel site Going.

Get your laptop and credit card out on Sunday for the best chance of getting the best deals, says booking platform Expedia. You can further refine your search with flight comparison site Skyscanner’s new Savings Generator, launched this month. Enter your departure city, destination and when you want to travel, and it will help you find the best time to book and the cheapest time to travel.

If you’re an airline planning to launch premium 19-hour flights connecting Australia with New York and London, you’d better make sure you’re offering a comfortable experience for your customers – especially those who spend money on the dollar. in the front part.

Qantas unveils the first and business class prototypes for the Airbus A350s that will serve its new “Project Sunrise” routes due to launch in 2025. The airline says its First Suite will feel like a “mini boutique hotel.”

This follows last month’s unveiling of Air France’s new long-haul business cabin, which features sliding doors and redesigned seats. It debuted on a Boeing 777-300ER flying Paris-New York and the first destinations it will serve are New York, Rio de Janeiro and Dakar, Senegal.

Back in 2011, Giulia Manca went to a former Italian prison island in search of a relaxing break. Twelve years later, she is the only woman living on an island of convicted criminals and is loving life in Alcatraz in the Atlantic.

In Mexico, one of the country’s most notorious prisons began a new chapter in December as a safe escape from the Pacific Ocean. The former penal colony on the Sérlas Marías archipelago has a tourist centre, restaurant and café, as well as villas where guests can stay before hitting the beaches.

Dubai could be getting an indoor, climate-controlled, 93 kilometer cycling highway looping around the city, if developer URB gets its way. The greenery-filled corridor aims to “make Dubai the most connected city in the world on foot or by bike.”

The move could potentially earn the Middle Eastern hub a future spot on our list of the world’s best cities to see by bike: destinations in North America, Scandinavia and Asia Pacific Quiet makes the current total.

Two who know better than most about global cycling culture are the British couple Laura Massey-Pugh and Stevie Massey, who last year became the fastest cyclists to circumnavigate the world on a tandem bicycle.

Anthony met Barbara at a Greek ferry port in the summer of 1969. He was a 28-year-old American college graduate with a third-class ticket and she was a 24-year-old flight attendant for Air France, traveling in first class. him. .

Like Jack and Rose in the “Titanic,” the class divisions of the boat were not the position of love. This is how Anthony jumped the barriers to meet the woman who would be his bride.

Which dinky little travel essential are you most likely to miss – and most likely to cry when you do? For many of us, the answer is headphones.

If you’re someone who has a playlist or a podcast as a travel companion, but also doesn’t like breaking the bank on something that could end up on the floor of a metro system in a foreign city, check out this guide. budget headphones. It’s put together by our partners at CNN Underscored, a product review and recommendation guide owned by CNN.

After a short break, we are sorry to say that the irregularity is back. An American Airlines flight was diverted to a North Carolina airport on February 22 due to a disturbed passenger. The woman was taken into custody, but a misdemeanor charge was dismissed.

An Airbnb plumbing disaster led to beautiful friendships across the continent.

Turn on the waterworks, this one will touch your heart.

This Asian nation is the largest in the world “powerful” pass..

So why are its citizens not using it?

What it’s like to live off the grid in a traditional Mayan village.

And why their lifestyle is now under threat.

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