Struggling with manga art? Sonia Leon has the answers

Manga artists make it all look so easy. The manga art style looks effortless but most of us have asked the question, ‘how do I draw manga?’ at some point. It’s an art style that has inspired most artists in some form, be it the stylized character design, subtle coloring or sense of motion. Even if you are not a big fan of manga and anime, there are skills and approaches that every artist can learn from manga art.

Sonia Leong is one of the most famous manga artists, who has several books to her name from manga to instructional books where she reveals some of the main techniques used in her art. You can read his tutorial ‘How to create an authentic manga comic strip’ for inspiration. The artist’s latest book, The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Drawing Manga (opens in a new tab)published on 27 April (Ilex Press, £16.99).

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