Retro-inspired nixie display with customizable features lets you see the time, weather, stock prices or your TikTok followers

Designed for people who love to live in the 80s and the 2020s at the same time…

Culture is cyclical. It’s 2023 but retro music is trending again, vintage designs and themes are making a comeback (look at the new Burberry logo) … and even though our technology is futuristic, it has a distinctly retro flavor and companies want to take advantage remove from power. nostalgia in their new products. Minimalism is dead, retro is cool, and the Nextube is totally riding that wave. Designed as a vintage-inspired tabletop display, the Nextube comes with 6 nixie tube-like screens docked within a wooden base. It wears its steampunk aesthetic on its sleeve but comes with modern technology under its hood. The six mini-displays look like Nixie tubes, but are actually LED screens that can be customized to show anything from the weather to the weather, music visualization, crypto prices, or even subscriber counts for your page YouTube or TikTok.

Designer: James Wong of Rotrics

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The 1970s and 1980s were far from minimalist. The music was loud, the fashion was bright, cybersynthesis was popular, and it could be argued that this era saw the first flourishing of technology. Nixie tubes were the dominant form of display in this era, turning them from technical components to symbols of pop culture. Sadly, nixie tubes fell out of favor in the 90’s as technology advanced (along with the fact that most nixie tubes were made in the USSR, which fell into disrepair around the time). However, designed as a cultural retreat, the Nextube celebrates its ancestors in a wonderfully whimsical way. A portmanteau of ‘Next’ and ‘Nixie Tube’, the Nextube uses a series of mini LED displays encased in vacuum glass tubes. With a neat walnut wood base and brass trims, the Nextube looks like a steampunk gizmo from an 80s lab on your desk. It also comes with the signature Nixie tube-inspired font, though it offers a few other retro-style fonts and themes to choose from, giving you custom control over your tabletop display.

Nextube’s bank of fonts and styles lets you make the display the way you want it to be

The six individual displays create a unique and fun constraint. You can see the time, date, weather, and a wide variety of data points on the Nextube in a very vintage way. Each tube does a great job of looking pretty close to actual Nixie tubes (with matching bright print too), and only consumes 5V of electricity compared to the 12V consumed by regular Nixie tubes. The LED displays are also estimated to last for 100,000 hours, compared to the 5,000 hours that most Nixie tubes last.

See weather data at a glance

Track your YouTube subscriber count

Or view your online store’s PayPal balance in real time

Or even let the Nextube be your trusted time manager

Nextube’s open source firmware means you can customize it to display anything from inspirational quotes to calendar alerts, email notifications, or even thumbnails from your camera roll. Three small buttons (sitting flush against the wooden body) allow you to toggle between different Nextube functions, and the device itself can be connected to your laptop/desktop to fine-tune how your Nextube device behaves and what metrics it shows.

Nextube’s six display units are accompanied by RGB LEDs mounted on the back, creating an ambient backlight that can be customized to suit your needs. Every Nextube also comes with a built-in spectrum analyzer that responds to music, turning your retro display into a Winamp-style visualization that responds to music in real time!

The Nextube allows you to access a full suite of built-in functions, or even tinker with its companion Nextube Studio software to create your own custom styles and preview them on the device, or even share them with the Nextube community.

Occupying 7 inches wide and standing just under 2.4 inches tall, the Nextube makes the perfect compact accessory for any work table. It comes with a walnut wood base, brass trim, and 6 LED displays that sit under their own individual glass tubes. The Nextube doesn’t have a battery of its own but comes with a USB-C port that lets you plug it into your power strip or directly into a port on your laptop/desktop/multiport hub. It works offline, providing basic functions such as the clock, timer, or music visualization, and can even connect to 2.4GHz WiFi networks to access metrics such as the weather, your camera roll, or even stock prices and follower count from various social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.

The perfect desk accessory for any tech enthusiast, the Nextube starts at $148 with worldwide shipping and a 1-year warranty.

Click Here to Buy Now: $148 $188 (21% OFF) Hurry! Limited time offer

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