PSVR 2 Accessories Available For Purchase Now

Now that the PSVR 2 is officially released, third-party manufacturers will be developing accessories as quickly as possible. While the current slate of accessories is thin on the ground, there are some good ones if you know where to look.

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Sony obviously has its own branded accessories, like the soon-to-be-available Sense charging dock, but many other manufacturers offer the same kind of gear at more reasonable prices. Like I said, it’s still early days, so we’ll keep this list updated as new accessories become available.


If, like me, you don’t like sticking things in your ears, you’ll need a better alternative than the headset that comes in the box. The Pulse 3D headphones are specially designed to surpass the PSVR 2 and its 3D audio offering from the PS5. They sound great and look great too.

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This stand doubles as a charging dock for your Sense controllers in the same way as the official dock. The front lights show you when your controllers are charged, and the headset fits neatly on top. A stand like this is a great way to keep your gaming area clutter-free.


Available for pre-order, this slim charging dock is designed to charge your PSVR controllers without the need to close your PS5’s USB ports. It uses two small USB-C adapters that help charge through the dock so you always have power when you need it.


While you can’t take your PSVR 2 and PS5 to many other places, a carrying case is still a good investment. Most stands don’t really protect the headset or keep it dust-free. This case is impact resistant and sealed so your PSVR 2 can be safely stowed away when not in use.


Keeping your lenses clean isn’t a big job, but it’s an important one. Even the tiniest smudges can break the immersion and, in rare cases, you’ll lose focus and may even experience nausea. A nice cloth will help soften any oils that may be on your lenses from your hands or eyelashes so you can focus on the amazing views on the PSVR 2.

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