Now you can relive memories in VR, and it’s as creepy as it sounds

With the release of PSVR 2, virtual reality is back in the headlines and app developers are using the new hardware, including Meta Quest 2, to find creative ways to introduce new experiences. But in this reinvented experiment some ideas are just, well, a little unsettling.

The app in question is Wist: Immersive Memories, which is being developed for iOS and Meta Quest 2, and soon on Meta Quest Pro. This app brings old video to life inside a virtual reality headset. There’s a buzz around the app, largely because virtual reality is back in full swing in 2023 with the launch of PSVR 2 – read my PSVR 2 review to find out why everyone loves this headset. Also, rumors continue around a new Apple VR headset, which could really be something special.

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