Nicola Bulley – latest: Father hopes for recovery three weeks after dog walker goes missing

A former detective says police have ‘ruined’ Nicola Bulley’s reputation

“Nicola Bulley’s family just need a step forward to give us hope”, her father said, three weeks after the mother-of-two went missing while walking her dog in St Michael’s on Wyre.

“Every day is a struggle,” said Ernie Bulley, shortly after the family revealed the 45-year-old was dealing with side effects from menopause.

They said: “Due to the menopause, Nikki had significant side effects such as brain fog, restless sleep and was taking HRT to help but this gave her severe headaches, which forced Nikki to stop to add the idea of ​​HRT which helped her but only ended up causing this crisis.”

Rishi Sunak has since expressed concern over Lancashire Police’s decision to reveal information about Ms Bulley’s personal life, after the force came under fire for a “sexist” error when they revealed information about Ms Bulley’s struggles with alcohol and menopause .

Speaking to Sky NewsMr Sunak said: I was concerned that private information was exposed to the public and I am pleased that the police are looking into how that happened and the investigation.”


Nicola Bulley’s family just needs a breakthrough, says her father

“Nicola Bulley’s family just needs progress to give us hope”, said her father.

Speaking to Sky NewsErnie Bulley said “every day is a struggle”, adding: “(We’re) no further forward than three weeks ago.

“We just need progress to give us hope.”

Here is a clip of Mr Bulley speaking to the broadcaster in the first week of the search:

Nicola Bulley’s family are appealing for information and a search is underway

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 07:49


How the chair sleuths Nicola Bulley is a threat to the police investigation

Nicola Bulley’s escape is being treated as a “festival” for the armchair detectives and gawky commentators who are disrupting the investigation, experts have said.

Experts fear the intrusion could jeopardize the ongoing police investigation, cause distress to Ms Bulley’s family and set a worrying precedent for future high-profile searches.

Our home affairs editor Lizzie Dearden the details are:

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 10:22


Watch: A man remembers the moment he found Nicola Bulley’s phone

A man remembers the moment he found Nicola Bulley’s phone

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 09:29


Former police chief examines Nicola Bulley case of ‘people wandering into theatre’

Unusually intense public scrutiny of the Nicola Bulley investigation is like “people wandering into the theatre” and a highly trained surgeon at work, a former Greater Manchester Police chief has suggested.

“I think the real issue here is, I think there’s a wider public interest issue with an investigation being carried out with this level of press coverage and social media coverage,” Sir Peter Fahy told the BBC.

“This is very unusual, there are probably one or two cases every few years that get this level of focus. And there is clearly a public interest in it. The police need the public’s help in providing information, the public need to know if something serious has happened in their community.

“But when it comes to the situation where every detail is crowded, this is like asking a highly trained surgeon to work with a huge public gallery, people passing by all the action and others wandering in. the theater watching what they’re doing.”

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 09:01


‘Disappointed’ the home secretary did not raise ‘concerns’ with the police and crime commissioner

It is “disappointing” that home secretary Suella Braverman did not raise her “concerns” about the police’s handling of the Nicola Bulley case to the local police and crime commissioner, a former Greater Manchester Police chief has said.

Sir Peter Fahy told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “I think it’s disappointing that she didn’t approach the police and crime commissioner about it, the person elected locally to oversee policing in Lancashire.

“I have seen no criticism of the fact that Lancashire Police have been very diligent in seeking many witnesses and eyewitnesses, mobile phone data, massive use of CCTV.

“That eliminates a lot of possible theories about what happened to this poor woman.”

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 08:56


Dog walker who found Nicola Bulley’s phone on bench says ‘something wasn’t right’

A dog walker who found Nicola Bulley’s mobile phone on a bench before she was reported missing “knew something wasn’t right”, claims my colleague Jane Dalton reports.

The man, identified only as Ron, thought when he first saw the phone that someone had left it there while they went to relieve themselves nearby.

He was walking by the river in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, close to where the mother-of-two disappeared on the morning of January 27.

But Ron said when it became clear that no one was returning the mobile phone, he picked it up, at around 9.35am, and saw a wallpaper image flash up showing Ms Bulley with her partner, Paul Ansell.

Andy Gregory18 February 2023 07:39


All the evidence released so far in the case of the missing dog walker

Ms Bulley, originally from Essex but now living in Inskip, was heading east along the River Wyre in Lancashire with her brown Willow sled when she left an office near St Michael’s on Wyre at around 9.15am on Sunday Friday 27 January.

At least one fellow dog walker saw her moments before she disappeared.

Joe Sommerlad he has a brief overview of the information being released as the investigation continues:

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 07:00


The map shows the main areas in Nicola Bulley’s search

The disappearance of Nicola Bulley continues to haunt police and the public three weeks after the mortgage broker disappeared from an office in Lancashire.

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 06:00


Watch: Loose Women co-stars Kelle Bryan and Jane Moore debate Nicola Bulley

Loose Women co-stars Kelle Bryan and Jane Moore tackle the Nicola Bulley debate

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 05:00


Residents in the village of Nicola Bulley hire a security firm to stop vigilantes

Nicola Bulley’s neighbors have had to beef up their security as amateur detectives are sneaking into people’s homes.

Lancashire Police have repeatedly asked people outside the village of Saint Michael’s on Wyre not to visit and carry out their own searches after the 45-year-old mother disappeared on January 27.

But Wyre Council leader Michael Vincent said townspeople, particularly older residents, are “terrified” as they watch out for DIY inspectors. He said they even resorted to hiring private security firms to protect their privacy.

Emily Atkinson18 February 2023 04:00

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