MoMA presents ‘architecture now: new york, new communities’

‘Architecture Now: New York, New Publics’ is featured at moma

Museum of Modern Art (Mom) announces Architecture Now: New York, New Publicsinstall a new initiative exhibition a series that will serve as a platform to highlight emerging talent and cutting-edge projects in contemporary architecture. Running from February 19 to July 29, 2023, the first iteration of the series, New York, New Publics, will examine the ways in which New York City-based practices are actively expanding the relationship between urban architecture and diverse communities through 12 recently completed projects. Each project will also be accompanied by a new video by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Hudson Lines, produced at the screening event.

MoMA inaugurates its latest exhibition series with 'architecture now: new york, new publics'
Adaptive CO. Adapted Wood Reuse Theatre, 2017-21 | double height assembly space at The Mercury Store

image © Naho Kubota

Architecture Now: New York, New Publics at the Mom being organized by Evangelos KotsiorisAssistant Curator, and Martino StierliChief Keeper Philip Johnson, with Paula Vilaplana de Miguel, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Architecture and Design. Elaborating on the concept, says Stierli:’Over the past three years in New York the devastating effects of the pandemic and its aftermath, as well as powerful social and political protests across the city have advocated profound changes. Can this context inspire the transformation of civic space and public domain in New York? How can innovative architecture attempt to correct structural imbalances and foster social transformation?’

‘This first New York exhibition, New Publics, is an opportunity to look back at the architecture produced in New York during an extremely challenging and traumatic period.,’ says Evangelos Kotsioris. ‘Our goal is also to emphasize projects and practices that go beyond their original tasks to prioritize inclusion and participation in the daily life of the city,’ it continues.

MoMA inaugurates its latest exhibition series with 'architecture now: new york, new publics'
NARCHITECTS. Jones Beach Energy & Research Center, 2018-20 | aerial view looking southeast

image © Michael Moran

explore NYC architecture through 12 local projects

New York, New Publics will explore a wide range of strategies devised by architects who engage with New York City’s shared spaces in new ways. Featuring 12 architects and designers, this exhibition will show the works of Conradh na Gaeilge Adjaye’s partners, Agency — The Agency and Chris Woebken, Adaptive CO, Field Operations James Corner, Kinfolk, NARCHITECTS, New Affiliates and Samuel Stewart-Halevy, Olalekan Jeyifous, Unless, Peterson Rich Office (PRO), SO – ILand LLF/Bellaigh and Weiss/Manfredi with ARUP.

From urban parks and networks of public pools to local community gardens and virtual monuments to underrepresented communities, the projects highlighted in this exhibition carefully reimagine the uses of civic infrastructure, the sharing of private resources, and the potential of new technologies for new spaces. to create. for political participation.

MoMA inaugurates its latest exhibition series with 'architecture now: new york, new publics'
Peterson Rich Office, 2019-present | renovation/extension for Coopers Park Homes NYCHA, Brooklyn, NY

image © Peterson Rich Office by Dark Studio

These various proposals envision a future where architecture can play a vital role in shaping a more accessible, sustainable and fair city. The greater ambition of it New York, New Publics It will involve questioning and expanding the concepts of public and public space in a global city like New York. It will seek to contact not only architects and designers, but also communities and organizations working to improve public spaces in the city.

With MoMA’s Young Architects Program and MoMA PS1 ending after two decades in 2019, the new Architecture Now series will serve as a platform to broadcast new architectural ideas. Instead of a format based on a competition with a single winner, the series will include voices from generation to generation that will represent the rich diversity of contemporary architectural practices, with a focus on promoting architecture that expresses innovative responses to cultural challenges, most pressing environmental and social issues in the country. built environment today.

MoMA inaugurates its latest exhibition series with 'architecture now: new york, new publics'
SWA/Balsley & Weiss/Manfredi by ARUP. South Phoenix Park, 2009-18 | wetlands walkway & overview | image © Lloyd/SWA, courtesy of SWA/Balsley and Weiss/Manfredi

Each iteration will showcase a selection of projects initiated or completed in the past three years that have the potential to change architectural practice in the near future. Architecture Now: New York, New Publics It will be accompanied by a series of public programs and digital features to extend the conversation beyond the walls of the Museum.

MoMA inaugurates its latest exhibition series with 'architecture now: new york, new publics'
SO – IL. Amant, 2021 | image © Iwan Baan

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