Mac Pro 2023: It’s now or never, Apple, your customers are waiting

On March 8, 2022, the Mac Studio, Apple’s most powerful computer ever at the time, was introduced, leaving many Mac Pro users a little confused and confused. Even more so when Apple’s senior vice president of Hardware Engineering, John Ternus, unveiled a new processor for the ‌Mac Pro‌ that was on stage at that event, saying “one more product to go: ‌Mac Pro‌, that another day.” (via MacRumors (opens in a new tab)).

Could the Mac Pro launch happen within the next few weeks? We’re not so sure, despite the recent publication of four patents (via Appleinsider (opens in a new tab)) which tackles the issue of third-party GPU support while looking around the others (system memory expansion, third-party accelerators etc). However, Appleinsider is quick to note, “Apple is constantly applying for patents, and there’s no guarantee that even granted patents will lead to products directly. Plus patents could be applied for years before Apple can use them.”

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