‘Libs of TikTok’ creator, Chaya Raichik, now helping families spot ‘predatory behaviour’

Chaya Raichik is the founder of the anti-woke social media account “Libs of TikTok” – and is now publishing her first children’s book in March.

In recent years Raichik has been tweeting TikTok videos of liberals talking about gender identity and other cultural issues. She has almost 2 million followers on the platform.

She said the book is her next step, according to the publisher.


“I wanted to take the next step, which is to give parents and children a tool that they can use to be able to spot predatory behavior,” she said in a statement shared by her publisher, Brave Books with Fox News Digital. .

Raichik’s illustrated children’s book, “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern,” tells the story of Rose, a second-grade lamb.

Chaya Raichik, the Libs founder of TikTok, recently sat down for an interview with Fox News Channel's Tucker Carlson.  She is coming out with a children's book titled

Chaya Raichik, the Libs founder of TikTok, recently sat down for an interview with Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson. She has a children’s book coming out called “No More Secrets: The Candy Cavern” from Brave Books. (Fox News)

Rose’s new teacher, Mr. Wooly, is far more determined to hand out sweets to his students than to teach them about the basics like reading and counting.

In addition, Mr. Wooly instructs the young lambs not to tell their parents about the excess candy and cakes – all for reasons that come to light when the students realize their teacher is a wolf.

This author “has spent her life exposing people who try to take advantage of the innocence of children.”

“This book basically teaches kids that if there’s a trusted adult or authority figure telling you to keep secrets from your parents — that’s a big red flag,” Raichik said, in a statement shared with Fox News Digital.

Texas-based Brave Books is the publisher of several other books by outspoken conservatives, including Kirk Cameron, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Bethany Hamilton and others.

“As You Grow” by actor and writer Kirk Cameron tells the story of an acorn that grows into a mighty oak tree – giving wisdom to the animals that live within the shelter of its branches. It is one of the many books that Brave Books offers for families and children. (Kerry J. Byrne/Fox News Digital)

CEO Trent Talbot said in an emailed statement to Fox News Digital, “Every parent needs a copy of ‘No More Secrets’ in their home. We need to create trust in the home, not distrust.”

Talbot said the book teaches children to “trust their parents – and not keep secrets from them.”

He added that “Chaya Raichik is the perfect author for a book like this. She has spent her life exposing people who try to take advantage of children’s innocence.”

“This book teaches children that it is never okay for an authority figure in their life to tell them to keep a secret from their parents.”

The publisher told Fox News Digital that the purpose of the book is to “build trust between children and their parents. This book teaches children that it is never right for an authority figure in their life to tell them to keep secrets from their parents.”

The publisher said, “Our goal is to get this book into every school and Barnes & Noble across the nation.”

He also describes the “conservative children’s book” as “a modern twist on the familiar Grimm-style fairy tale, even including a big bad wolf.”

The book, aimed at children aged 4-8, is available for purchase at lottbooks.com.

The face behind the

The face behind the “Libs of TikTok” Twitter account recently revealed herself on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson show. (Fox Nation/Tucker Carlson today)

The larger context of the book is the anger felt by parents today that many schools are encouraging young children to engage in gender transitions at young ages – without even informing or involving the children’s parents.

Chaya Raichik was confirmed by a speaker at CPAC in Washington, DC, in early March of this year.

Raichik’s identity was hidden behind the viral for a while Twitter Libs account of TikTok.


His face was recently revealed on Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox News Channel.

Her posts raised awareness of what was going on inside America’s classrooms.


“When my account started growing, I realized the hatred of the Left and its violent nature, and I was like, ‘I’m going to be anonymous’ … and I stayed anonymous until my account was doxxed,” Raichik told Carlson during Carlson’s Fox Nation episode Download.

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