Latest Ohio train derailment: Trump to visit site as criminal diversion against Norfolk Southern announced

The horrific aftermath of the Ohio train derailment was revealed in shocking drone footage

Pennsylvania governor Josh Shapiro said yesterday that his office has made a criminal referral against Norfolk Southern in response to the recent Ohio train derailment.

He said: “We will remain alert to any threats to the people of Pennsylvania. In the face of Norfolk Southern’s arrogance and incompetence, I want you to know that we are fighting back.”

Meanwhile, former president Donald Trump is visiting the site of the train tracks in East Palestine near the Ohio-Pennsylvania border.

Emergency workers are cleaning up a coal train that derailed in Nebraska less than a month after the Ohio train derailment.

Ohio officials shared a video of them drinking tap water in East Palestine in an effort to reassure worried residents that it is safe.

Lt. Governor Jon Husted posted a video on Twitter over the weekend of East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick, Police Chief James Brown, and Mayor Trent Conaway drinking glasses of water together.

“The water is safe and they are working around the clock to keep it that way,” Mr Husted tweeted.


EPA orders Norfolk Southern to deal with toxic train derailment in Ohio – or face ‘significant’ fines

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has tasked the rail operator, Norfolk Southern, with cleaning up the toxic train tracks in East Palestine, Ohio.

If it does not complete the task, the company will be fined “significantly”, CNN reported.

The Independent has contacted the EPA for comment.

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EPA says there is no evidence of volatile organic compounds in East Palestine water

The head of the Ohio EPA said Tuesday that testing by multiple laboratories found no evidence of volatile organic compounds as a result of the Ohio train derailment in East Palestine water.

The EPA also said it has conducted air quality testing inside more than 500 homes in East Palestine, and found no evidence of volatile organic compounds at worrisome levels as a result of the vented and burned vinyl chloride that was being carried by the train.

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Buttigieg warns rail companies to expect increased fines and regulations

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg called on the railroad industry to immediately improve safety standards or face severe penalties after a train derailment in Ohio pushed out mass evacuees and spilled a toxic chemical and burned it.

Mr Buttigieg unveiled a reform package on Tuesday that would increase fines for “egregious violations”, force rail companies to provide sick pay and notify local officials when they are transporting hazardous materials through his state.

The current maximum fine a rail company could face was $225,455, which he described as a “rounding error” for a company like Norfolk Southern which had annual operating revenue of $4.8bn in 2022.

He also called on rail companies to set up confidential hotlines where staff could report safety concerns, following previous cases in which Norfolk Southern allegedly tried to silence whistleblowers.

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ICYMI: Ohio Governor calls for tougher laws for trains carrying hazardous chemicals

Governor Mike DeWine said during a press conference that laws dictating when railroad companies must announce that they are transporting hazardous chemicals must be more restrictive.

The Norfolk Southern train that derailed was not required under current laws to announce the nature of its cargo.

Mr. DeWine also assured the residents of East Palestine that the state would remain active in the village until the clean-up is complete.

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The EPA is to lead the cleanup efforts in East Palestine

The Environmental Protection Agency is leading cleanup efforts in East Palestine, Ohio, after a Norfolk Southern train derailed, forcing the release and burning of vinyl chloride throughout the village.

Norfolk Southern has voluntarily led the cleanup response up to this point. He will now be subject to EPA oversight and could face fines or other penalties if he fails to address the village.

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Mysterious orange flyers claiming to be from Norfolk Southern have been seen around East Palestine

Orange posters have appeared in the homes of residents of East Palestine, warning them that “hazardous chemicals” are inside. The flyers claim to be from Norfolk Southern.

According to local broadcaster WKBN, Norfolk Southern says it has nothing to do with the flyers and said the papers can be thrown away.

“These are unnecessary attempts to scare town residents and confuse the public,” the company told WKBN.

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U.S. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut called out Republicans on Tuesday on Twitter, accusing them of using the East Palestine train disaster as a political trigger even though their policies contribute to a failing rail system. safe.

“The same Republicans who are up on East Palestine are the same ones who supported Trump’s campaign to destroy Obama’s rail safety regulations,” he said. “It’s all fake anger.”

During the administration of former President Barack Obama, railroad companies were forced to include ECP brakes on their cars transporting hazardous materials. Norfolk Southern lobbied against those regulations and they were rolled back with the support of the Trump administration in 2017.

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Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg to visit East Palestine

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on Good Morning America and said he planned to visit East Palestine to survey the cleanup operation.

Host George Stephanopoulos asked Mr. Buttigieg if he planned to personally visit the site during a recent appearance on the show, noting that some critics asked “where’s Pete?”

“I plan to go and our people were on the ground from the first hour,” he said, noting that the National Transportation Safety Board also needed time to conduct an independent investigation into the accident without lawmakers overseeing the process.

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Ohio officials drink East Palestine water after train derailment

Local and state officials drank from the East Palestine sinkhole to help with fears that the village’s water had been contaminated after the Norfolk Southern train derailment in early February.

Ohio officials drink East Palestine water after train derailment

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Pete Buttigieg calls out Marco Rubio for relaxing rail safety requirements before derailing a train in Ohio

The United States Secretary of Transportation responded to criticism leveled at him by Senator Marco Rubio by pointing out that the legislator had voted to relax safety regulations before the Ohio train derailment in East Palestine.

“The facts don’t lie. The 2021 letter you signed was clearly drafted by rail industry lobbyists. He supports a waiver that would reduce visual trail inspections,” he wrote. “Now: will you vote to help us strengthen accountability and rail safety fines, or not?”

Graig Graziosi21 February 2023 20:49

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