God-like cafe racers building the body frame of the Trinity are inviting eyes that you cannot ignore

Modifying modern Triumph bikes is a passion of Tamarit Motorcycles. The Spanish custom shop located in the port city of Alicante is definitely keeping up with their eye-catching bike designs.

Their latest creation “Helios” is named after a Greek god, and the racy cafe racer lives up to its mythological name. The flamboyant cafe racer is built on an air-cooled Thruxton 900 motorcycle, and the end result is one of the best to date.

Designer: Tamarit Motorcycles

The handcrafted hull, monocoque tank and tail section are all custom made for this individual build. It perfectly complements the burnt orange metallic paintwork, and the exposed bodywork that perhaps borrows its character from a Greek god. Tamarit chose the subtle cream-colored leather for the saddle that extends straight up to the monocoque one-piece tank. Contrasting cream colors are present on the twin-round headlights, giving Helios a very vibrant look. Not forgetting the 60s survival-inspired half fairing includes LED headlights.

Under the hood, this performance bike can surprise the rider since it gets an air-cooled Bonneville engine that can be upgraded with some modifications. For example, if you wake up the Keihin carbs to run with the K&N pod filters, it wakes up the ride. The exhaust is crafted from scratch, to keep the unique look going. The cooling system is the creation of the custom shop itself, and this looks like an upgraded Triumph body.

The benefits of custom building have ditched the dual-shock setup for a custom mono-shock setup. Here a Hagon shock is coupled with a custom swingarm, extending the platform of the donor bike to literally 6 feet. That rear section gets a polished metal cover and the integrated LED lights, while on the lower right are the slashed exhaust pipes covered with hexagonal mesh covers and custom perforated heat shields.

The color theme of the cafe razor is complemented by the chrome plated inserts (in a mirror finish polish) on the entire frame and swingarm. Topping it all off is the subtle inclusion of the gold badge emblazoned with the Helios 109 brand name and logo that represents the 109th built by the custom shop so far. For the records, the Helios bike will be delivered to the custom shop location in Miami, Florida which will be its hub for the North American market from now on.

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