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Video game developer FromSoftware has officially announced the long awaited The ring of Elden an expansion is coming, and the DLC title is “Shadow of the Erdtree.”

The announcement came because of a tweet that says “Get up, pollute, and let’s walk a new path together. Future expansion for #ELDENRING Shadow of the Erdtree, currently in development. We hope you are looking forward to new adventures in the Lands Between.”

I have spent a lot of time playing The ring of Elden since I picked myself up a copy, and the game is both extremely fun and frustrating. It’s a beautifully designed game and it will be exciting to see what this new DLC has to offer.

The new expansion will be available for PS4 and Xbox One, as well as current-gen systems and PC. Unfortunately, there are no details on what the DLC will entail. We only have the title and the image that was shared above. Anything else is just speculation.

One thing that many fans believe is that the figure on the right of the image above is Miquella. The character does not appear during us The ring of Elden, but Sir Gideon Ofnir confirms that the character is alive and confined in a cocoon. So, it’s possible that “Shadow of the Erdtree” would take place after the events of Elden Ring, where Miquella finally breaks free from her cocoon.

Here are some details on the character’s history:

Miquella, Malenia’s brother, is one of the Emperors. Cursed to be forever young, he created the Haligtree to allow himself to grow into an adult and cleanse the decay from Malenia. This is after realizing that the Golden Order was unable to cure Malenia of the decay.

“One of the incantations of the Golden Order of fundamentalism. A gift of thanks to the young Miquella from his father, Radagon….. And yet the young Miquella abandoned fundamentalism, because he could not do anything to deal with the decay accursed Malenia. the beginning of the gold without alloy.” – Radagon’s Rings of Light

Before he could grow the Hailig Tree to its full potential, Mohg, the Blood Lord, stole Miquella in her cocoon form. Mohg wanted Miquella to be raised to godhood with him as Michael’s consort. However, no matter how much blood Mohg tries to share with Miquella, Miquella does not respond to Mohg. According to tradition, Sir Gideon Ofnir has confirmed that Miquella is alive because one must be alive to sleep. Gideon’s aforementioned comment about Miquella passing away coincides with a cutscene that suggests Miquella is in his dream world, and this may explain why Mohg received no response from the physical body that abducted him he from the Haligtree.

“Desiring to raise Miquella to full deity, Mohg wanted to be his companion, taking on the role of monarch. But no matter how much of her bloody bedroom he tried to share, he got no response from the young Empyrean “. – Commemoration of Mog, Lord of the Blood

“Mikella is mine and mine alone” – Mohg

“If he continues to sleep within the cocoon, all will be well…” – Sir Gideon Ofnir

This is just one of many directions the DLC can go. What will the DLC be about!? Are you excited that new DLC for Elden Ring is finally coming?

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