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If you’re fed up with your Bluetooth accessories draining the battery or their connection flaking out, stop what you’re doing, go over for the audiophile and mechanical keyboard community over at Drop, and roll with good deals on headphones and computer accessories. These must-have tech accessories are marked down as high as $50, and Drop offers free domestic shipping on orders over $125. But act fast, because this sale only runs until Sunday, February 26.

Massdrop X Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones $239 ($279)

Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX on audiophile headphone kitty

All the deals available are solid, but we’d like to highlight this $40 discount on the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones. Sennheiser is a mainstay of the audiophile community (and our best headphone roundup), and the German company’s 600 series headphones are renowned for those in search of clarity. Sennheiser has released a number of high-end releases over the past few years – such as the IE 900 in-ear monitors and the recent HD 660S2 over-ear headphones, which we’ll be covering soon – but this collaboration with Drop delivers a top-notch performance at half the price.

The HD 6XX headphones are a version of Sennheisser’s highly regarded HD 650 flagship created in collaboration with Drop. There is no loss in sound performance or significant driver differences compared to the “official” headphones offered directly by Sennheiser, known for their impressive midrange. The significant changes mainly come down to materials, accessories, and aesthetics, as the HD 6XXs come in a midnight blue colorway instead of gray.

Plus, you’re getting a great pair of over-the-ear open-back headphones. They will leak a lot of sound – this is one of the trademarks of open back headphones – so make sure you have a proper comfortable position and you are ready to indulge in your listening session. And, as the HD 6XXs terminate in a standard 3.5mm connector, you’ll need a device with a compatible port (although Sennheiser includes a ⅛-inch to ¼-inch adapter in the box, so you can connect the headphones easily with any amp, DAC, DAP, etc.).

If you’re a technical audiophile, Drop includes a pair of charts noting the HD 6XX’s frequency response and harmonic distortion that you can refer to. Our advice is to sit back, close your eyes, and relive the subtlest details of your favorite songs. If you are making the jump from headphones or Bluetooth earbuds, the HD 6XXs will probably be a sonic revelation, and they are many thanks to the current discount Drop. And maybe pick up a new keyboard while you’re on the Drop website, because you’ll want to email your friends about how awesome your new headphones are.

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