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Daisy Ridley She’s done consistent work over the past few years, but will probably always be best known for her role as Rey in the last Star wars the Skywalker Saga trilogy. While critical reviews of the films have been quite favorable, it is widely known that the films are not well thought of. Star wars fandom. The biggest complaint seems to be the consistency of the story between the three films. So while they may have merit on their own, they didn’t serve the character arcs as fans had hoped.

But Ridley has done her best to stay away from the hate that has fueled her way while making the films, and recently told Rolling Stone that she completely got off social media and stayed off the internet for a while after the to make films, but that there would still be people. so bold as to talk to her in the street and to pester her about the movies!

The funny thing is, because I don’t read things and haven’t been on social media for a while, when I was referring to how people can have big opinions about it, random people would on the street to be so open to their opinions and I want to be like, I’m good. I don’t need to hear that. Cool. Great. As a person, whether I liked a movie or not, I would never go up to the person and say, “I hate your movie.” Because I am human. It was probably sexier than I knew.

The interviewer mentioned that after talking to some of the other cast members, it was clear that the women and people of color in the cast were the worst as far as criticism. They said they were surprised when they wrote a piece praising the character Rey i The Force Awakens and the feminist direction the film was taking, they got some pretty wild hate posts over it. And that was just to write something about. Ridley replied:

Yes. Fortunately, I didn’t read anything. I think there is so much vitriol out there that I don’t need to read it. I felt for Moses Ingram recently, and I felt he was much worse compared to others. I just think it’s fandom. Everyone feels like they have to say everything they feel, and I don’t know that everyone does.

Ridley said:

And it’s one of those things where it’s like, there’s no point in arguing about it, because people are going to think what they think. So for me, I’m going to continue doing work that speaks to people, men and women, and if people don’t like it, they don’t like it.

She is good. It doesn’t matter in the long run what a small group of people think of her in a role she’s done and moved on from. She seems to have a great outlook on her career and the projects she plans to work on in the future.

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