Conor Benn was cleared of a failed drug test because he ate too many eggs

The World Boxing Council has accepted Conor Benn’s explanation that his positive drug test was due to “very high egg consumption” before his grudge match with Chris Eubank Jnr was canceled and allowed him to return to the rankings.

Benn, son of former middleweight boxer Nigel, failed two drug tests back in October and as a result his fight with Eubank Jnr at London’s O2 Arena was canceled 48 hours before the bout.

The 26-year-old has always maintained his innocence and has now been cleared to return to the WBC rankings and fight but will still be subject to a separate investigation by the UK’s British Boxing Control and Anti-Doping Board.

“Mr Benn has always denied knowingly or knowingly ingesting any prohibited substances. His defense against the Adverse Decision focused on allegations of possible laboratory analysis failures and irregularities in the analysis of his samples and the results of the testing of the samples,” the WBC statement read.

“The WBC consulted a number of experts in anti-doping laboratory analysis, including a consultant with over 30 years of experience in Wada and IOC (International Olympic Committee) accredited laboratory sites.

“The WBC concluded that there was no fault attributable to the laboratory that analyzed Mr. Benn’s samples. In addition, the WBC reaffirms the unquestionable integrity of Vada (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) and the sample collection agencies and laboratories used by Vada in connection with the WBC CBP.”

“The WBC found that: (1) there was no conclusive evidence that Mr. Benn intentionally or knowingly ingested Clomiphene; (2) there were no failures in sample collection procedures, sample analysis, or violations of Mr. Benn B’s sample rights that would justify questioning or invalidating the Adverse Decision; and (3) The documented and highly elevated consumption of Mr. Benn’s eggs during the times surrounding the collection of the samples raised a reasonable explanation for the Adverse Fate.

The WBC Nutrition Committee will work with Mr. Benn’s team to design a nutrition program focused on avoiding the risk of future adverse outcome due to nutritional factors. Mr. Benn will undergo regular anti-doping testing to monitor the effectiveness of the nutritional program ordered by the WBC.”

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