Ben Stein ‘big African American woman’ longs for a bottle of syrup

Economics teacher Ferris Bueller is getting slammed on social media for his rant about corporate American culture … and pancake syrup.

On Monday night, Ben Stein, the “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” actor known for his monotone voice, posted a strange video on his Truth Social account in which he displayed a bottle of Aunt Jemima syrup while blaming “the innate racism of corporate American culture” for making the syrup so convenient to their liking.

“I’m about to do something I sometimes do, which is make breakfast for dinner,” he opened the video.

“Aunt Jemima, delicious pancake syrup. Now this showed a great African American chef, but because of the inherent racism of corporate American culture, they decided it was a white person,” he said as he looked at the bottle and then realized that there is no white person on the label. . “Or maybe no one is.

“But I preferred it when he was a Black person showing off his incredible pancake-making skills,” Stein, 78, added.

In 2021 PepsiCo Inc. rebranded. its Aunt Jemima pancake and syrup line as Pearl Milling Company in an effort to end its ties to racist tropes.

Stein’s video appears to be a promo for an episode of “The World According to Ben Stein” podcast that aired on Tuesday. In describing the episode, Stein said he sat down with co-host Judah Friedman and Trump EPA chief of staff Mandy Gunasekara “to discuss the effects of a corporate culture of wakefulness in society and the ongoing war against Aunt Jemimah (sic) also (sic) other corporate icons.”

“Is the way to destroy progress?” the report reads. “We don’t think so either. In addition we will discuss the consequences of weak leadership from the White House and the destabilizing consequences for our security interests here and abroad.

Twitter did its thing and now Stein is being criticized for his syrup complaint.

Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School Cornell William Brooks tweeted, “Wouldn’t the pancakes taste so good without stereotypes? Uncle Ben why do you need Aunt Jemima? PS Your name is Ben Stein, your name was Nancy Green. Respect.”

“Is anyone surprised that Ben Stein is a racist. Anybody? Anybody? A beater?” tweeted @BobHille.

Actor and stuntman D. Russo chimed inwrites, “‘I like MY pancake syrup served from a bottle that is a LITERAL KIND OF TOP.’-Ben Stein.”

“Aunt Jemima is based on the popular ‘Mammy’ archetype, a plump black woman with a headscarf who is a devoted and obedient servant. Her skin is dark and dewy, with a pearly white smile, but please, Ben continues the equality,” tweeted @travis_rexrode.

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