Adobe’s color palette cheat sheet could save you a lot of time

Color theory can be a complex area of ​​design. Understanding the relationship between different colors can help you use color more effectively in your designs, but even then choosing the right palette can be time consuming. Happily, Adobe has just shared a whole set of recommendations that will put us first and save time when we’re working around the clock.

The guys at Adobe Express have proposed a massive mix of 101 colors that can create styles and moods to suit a range of design projects, from ‘natural and earthy’ to ‘clean and modern’, ‘mean and gothic’ and many others. And if you find one that works almost but isn’t quite right, you can quickly edit it in Adobe Express.

Color combinations recommended by Adobe Express

Take your pick: Adobe makes color palettes easy (Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe used traditional color theory to create five-color palettes through a combination of analog, complementary, monochromatic or triadic combinations. The resulting color combinations can be a quick and convenient resource for designers looking for inspiration for what colors to use in their projects.

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