Addigy Releases 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry for MSPs

Earlier today, Addigy released its 2023 State of the Apple Device Management Industry Report for MSPs. The report is based on a survey of 480 managed services providers from around the world and covers a variety of topics, including Apple device management pricing, Apple device management, and the growth of Apple devices in the enterprise.

One key finding of the report is that managing Apple devices can be a lucrative new business line for MSPs. According to the survey results, MSPs who manage Apple devices charge twice as much as those who don’t and generate more annual recurring revenue. This is because managing and securing Apple devices in the workplace is complex and requires an elevated level of service, for which businesses using Apple endpoints expect to pay a premium.

Because of the unique complexities of managing and securing Apple devices in the workplace, MSPs can easily charge a premium for these services without worrying about customer pushback, said Jason Dettbarn , founder and CEO of Addigy. In our experience, businesses that purchase Apple endpoints expect to pay a premium for managing and securing them, as the devices are priced higher than their competitors and require a higher level of service.

The use of Apple devices in the workplace is also increasing, with 65% of survey respondents expecting the use of Apple devices among their business customers to increase in the next 12 months. However, the report also found that the two main reasons MSPs are not managing Apple devices is not because of a lack of customer need but because they can’t. Specifically, 30% of respondents consider it a challenge to manage macOS devices, and 28.3% reported that they did not have an Apple expert on their team.

The report also highlights the biggest challenges MSPs face when managing macOS devices, including keeping operating systems and software up-to-date; establish a fast and reliable connection with remote devices; maintaining security and compliance; and onboarding new users.

Despite the fact that the risk of hacking and malware for Apple users is higher than ever, the report found that 33.9% of MSPs believe that Apple’s macOS devices are more secure than Windows devices and require little day-to-day management. However, the report highlights the importance of being vigilant and proactive in managing Apple’s endpoints to minimize the risks of potential security threats and ensure that clients’ IT environments remain as secure as possible.

Download the entire report for free.

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