A man accused of mocking the son of Cain Velasquez will be on trial

Harry Goularte, 44, will stand trial on charges he allegedly molested four-year-old Cain Velasquez Jr, the son of former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez.

MMA Junkie reports that the elder Velasquez and his wife were in the courtroom earlier today as their son testified in the case. Goularte pleaded not guilty last June to a February 2022 felony charge of lewd acts with a minor under 14 — the minor allegedly being Cain Jr.

Here’s an excerpt from MMA Junkie’s description of the proceedings:

“After the court made arrangements to clear the room of non-essential members of the public, Cain Jr. was brought in. in and took the stand late in the morning.

Deputy District Attorney Robert Philbrook repeatedly tried to get yes or no answers from the boy, who was allowed to color in a Pokemon coloring book while on the stand. Cain Sr. was and Michelle were in the courtroom during Cain Jr.’s testimony, but were unable to help him answer questions.

Finally, after a 15 minute break when Cain Jr. started. crying, with the help of a stick figure sketch drawn by Philbrook, Cain Jr. said. that Goularte used his hand to touch him on her penis in a bathroom at Bender’s daycare. “

The son was then cross-examined in an attempt to clear previous statements he had made to the police. Michelle Velasquez then took the stand to testify about when her son told them what happened to him:

“She said Cain Jr. seemed embarrassed. when he told her that Harry was removing his ‘penis and scrotum.’ When she asked if Goularte sent Cain Jr.’s penis. in his mouth, she said her son answered yes. She said Cain Jr. said with her that he saw Goularte going to the bathroom with two other children from the daycare.”

Goularte’s mother, Patricia Bender, then took the stand to say that her son was at her day care from time to time but that he did not actually work there. She described an incident where Goularte allegedly picked up Cain Jr. and in which he playfully threatened to “put him in the bin” if he and the other children did not stop teasing Goularte. Cain Sr. was invited. and his wife aware of the incident, and Bender testified that Cain Sr. picked. Goularte at a Halloween party afterwards and joked that he would do the same to him.

Velasquez Sr. was arrested. in February 2022 and was charged with attempted murder along with gun related counts for allegedly chasing Goularte down with his car and shooting multiple times at his vehicle. He was held without bail until November, and will return to court to face his own charges on March 15.

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