3 Couples Who Bought Luxury RVs to Live In After Selling Their Homes

  • One couple bought their second-hand 44-foot motorhome for just $170,000.
  • The luxury RVs are equipped with multiple televisions, a king size bed, a dishwasher and a fridge freezer.
  • The couples visited attractions including the Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and Yellowstone.

Photo of Lindsey and Bruce in front of the sea.

Lindsey and Bruce said they spent about $300,000 on their luxury RV.

Lindsey and Bruce Roberts

Lindsey and Bruce Roberts of Dallas, Texas had only planned to visit Alaska for six weeks in their RV but ended their trip to almost a year.

“That’s when we knew we just wanted to be out on the road,” Lindsey said.

The couple, ages 70 and 60, said they realized their home wasn’t their home forever and have worked their way into the RV lifestyle since 2009. They sold their home in 2018 and live in Newmar Ventana RV luxury ever since.

“Each trip got longer and longer so we didn’t know why we even needed a house. It was better to sell everything and not worry about the house,” they said. .

The couple, who have been married for 30 years, said they have been to 49 states. The highlight of this lifestyle for them is the change of scenery and choosing where they live.

“One of our friends asked us if we are saving money and if it is cheaper and we said no because we are not saving. We are enjoying our life,” they said.

The Roberts sometimes stay at luxury RV resorts that have amenities like a pool, golf course and outdoor areas to relax.

Joel and Deb Brettingen

Joel and Deb were pictured traveling with their dog Maya.

Joel and Deb with their dog Maya.

Joel and Deb Brettingen

Joel and Deb Brettingen, of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, have been living in a luxury RV full-time for nine months after selling their home of 20 years.

The couple, both retired law enforcement officers, decided to sell their home after paying off their mortgage to become full-time “RVers” to escape the Wisconsin winters.

Photo of Joel and Deb Tiffin Allegro motorhome.

Joel and Deb own a 35 foot Tiffin Allegro motorhome

Joel and Deb Brettingen

“We hadn’t seen all of the United States and this was one way we could travel and see it on our own time frame. We have plans to visit Canada and Mexico as well,” they said.

They had a five year plan, organized their finances and set out a budget. In the nine months that the Brettingens have been living in a motor home, they have spent most of the winter in Texas, and have visited the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Salt Lake City and Deadwood in South Dakota.

“We have found freedom and many friends in the RV community. Everyone helps each other and we meet people from different countries.”

The couple did a lot of research before starting their new life by watching YouTube videos. They bought a used 45 foot RV in 2020 that cost $170,000.

“I don’t miss mowing the lawn or maintaining the house. Food and daily expenses are the same except for gas but we can adjust to where you can stay for free on public land.”

Joe and Sharon Carmichael

Joe and Sharon Carmichael pictured with their granddaughter.

Joe and Sharon Carmichael in front of the RV with their visiting granddaughter.

Joe and Sharon Carmichael

Joe and Sharon Carmichael hit the road in their new motorhome after selling their home in 2015. Joe used to work in sales and was constantly driving between appointments.

“I saw people in RVs and I said that’s what we’re going to do. It’s been a dream for a long time,” said Joe.

Inside Joe and Sharon's motor home

Inside Joe and Sharon’s motor home there are four televisions.

Joe and Sharon Carmichael

The couple owns a Newmar London Aire coach which cost around $700,000. They said it’s much cheaper to live in a motorhome without paying property taxes and insurance.

“At first my wife said she’d do it for a year but she was completely blindsided by the beauty of the US and found out there’s so much to do on the road,” said Joe.

“We probably spend about $6,000 a month on expenses including the motorhome payment, fuel, food and drink and we often have lunch and visit national and state parks.”

When the couple first told their family they laughed and said they are giving it six months before they get a divorce because they have reduced their space. “We did that with flying colors and celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary in Niagara Falls.”

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